For exceptional quality!

A consultation session with the subject is held to discuss the objectives and needs.

This first meeting will seek to establish a harmonious atmosphere while becoming familiar with the subject’s personality, personal taste and style.

The choice of clothing attire and the scenario for the portrait study will have a significant impact on the appearance and outcome.

While actively listening to the subject while observing their gestures, particular attention should be given to their physiognomy in order to adapt the lighting which will reveal the subject’s beauty through all its authenticity.

Finally, the composition will mark this portrait’s exclusivity with the interpretation of our creativity and will become a timeless signature.

Following the consultation, an appointment will be scheduled for the portrait session. A variety of proofs will then be submitted to the client for selection. Once the order is made, a deposit of 30% will be paid by the customer and the remainder once the order is complete.

" A piece of time for those we love "

Louise and Joseph Simone

Internationally renowned portrait artists